About our company

The company was established in 1982 by Peter Smith. During the early 80’s our major projects included renovations,

new homes and small commercial projects. We also had contracts for maintenance on schools in the eastern suburbs.


During the late 80’s and 90’s, up to mid 2000’s, we expanded into projects such as new large commercial factories and office blocks. We continued our relationships providing maintenance to local schools. We also gained new clients including golf clubs, restaurants and real estate offices.


In recent years our company has diversified and provides specialised services in commercial and domestic maintenance.


Our clients include:

QV Shopping Centre

Emporium Melbourne

Body Corporate Services inc. Engine Property Group, MICM, The Knight Alliances

Schools inc. Huntingtower School, Holy Saviour School, Camberwell South Primary,


Recently Benjamin, the next generation of the family, joined PSP to ensure the future of our clients is maintained to the highest of levels.